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Rooted In Community.

I'm Michelle Ray, and my heart has been planted in Paulding County since moving here from Smyrna in 1999. I have two daughters: one, a dedicated nurse; the other, a spine clinic professional, both loving mothers to my four wonderful grandchildren. Raising my daughters in South Paulding, and now living in North Paulding, my commitment to our community is rooted in family. My daughter, along with my brother’s family, and my parents, who recently marked their 64th wedding anniversary and have been residents here for over twenty years, all embrace Paulding as home. This isn't just a county to me; it's a part of who I am.

A Career Built on Leadership and Vision.

With over three decades of corporate experience, I've developed skills for effective governance and strategic planning vital to the Commissioner's role. In my role as Administrative Assistant, I developed organizational skills, as Project Manager, I learned the importance of delivering on time, creating and leading a team, and the art of negotiation. As a Marketing Manager, I honed the ability to delegate tasks while ensuring collaborative decision-making, skills that are essential in fostering a community-focused approach to growth and development.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Meets Public Service.

I built my company, We-Doo Erosion Control, from the ground up, applying due diligence to turn my idea into a successful business. Not ever being a business owner before, I had to teach myself and learn everything from concept to ownership, which taught me resilience and dedication, qualities I will bring to the position as Post 4 Commissioner. As a member of the National Women's Business Owners Corporation, this not only reinforces my commitment to business practices and continuous improvement but also aligns with my mission to support and uplift our local establishments and be involved. This affiliation enhances my understanding of the challenges and opportunities within our business community, ensuring I am a voice for all as Post 4 Commissioner. I will approach this role with the same level of commitment, embracing the challenge, learning, and making informed, beneficial decisions for Paulding County every step of the way.

Smart Growth, Strong Future.

The heart of my campaign for Post 4 Commissioner is anchored in Smart growth. I envision a Paulding County where development works hand-in-hand with infrastructure, ensuring that as our community grows, so too does our quality of life. I aim to collaborate with developers to bring about new libraries, schools, and road improvements, ensuring our growth secures a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.​

A Collaborative, Community-Focused Approach.

As highlighted in my corporate and entrepreneurial experience, I believe in working together to achieve common goals. If elected, I will sit down with developers, community leaders, and residents to negotiate the best outcomes for our infrastructure and community services. It’s about more than just growth; it’s about progress that benefits all of Paulding County and being a voice for our community.

Your Voice, Our Future.

I am running for the Post 4 Commissioner seat because I believe in the future of Paulding County. Together, we can forge a path that respects our roots while paving the way for a sustainable, thriving future. Join me in embracing Smart growth and a Strong Future, ensuring our beloved county remains a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family for generations to come.

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